Sleep Master

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Sleep Master

Awful Days Before My Sleep Master

"Hello folks at Sleep Master! I have had my Sleep Master sleep mask, which at this moment is perched on my forehead for pre-bedtime, for literally 12 years.

This thing saved my life. I'd been a terrible insomniac for years. I also get severe migraines. In fact, I'm at the point where it's like my "Linus blanket," in that I sleep fitfully if ever I forget it at home. As far as the migraines, I've been getting them since age 5. Before my Sleep Master, these were awful days, as nothing was sufficient to block noise and sound.

Over the past 12 years though, my migraines have been livable. Nothing blocks light better than the Sleep Master. Anyway, thank you for continuing to make this amazingly helpful, excellent quality product!!"

-Alison Thompson

Best Sleep Mask on the Planet

"In my husband bought me 4 face masks for Christmas so I could try several different brands. One of them just happened to be a Sleep Master. The other three didn't come close to comparing! The Sleep Master: I LOVE IT!!!

I am buying 3 for my kids because they keep stealing mine. :) Six years later it is still in great shape, has served me beautifully in hotels, on airplanes and at home. It's comfortable, soft, doesn't mess up my hair during travel and blocks out all light.

I recommend Sleep Master to everyone! Thank you Sleep Master for creating such a great product!"

-Colleen Crawford

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