Корректирующее белье Top Slim Fitting

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Корректирующее Белье Top Slim Fitting

No almonds, but gouache smell. So glad i did.

Candy Rose information

Initial blast on my skin is iodine, ugly thick medicinal smell. I really envy those who can make it work on skin. Aug scented sth Strange happened today. The bourbon vanilla is enormous, by far the booziest vanilla I have ever encountered.

The top notes smell rubbery, perhaps there is some oud here, even if it is not listed. There are more notes than Montale reveals I even went to their website hoping for the secret recipe, but there was nothing.

I detect tobacco and some itty-bitty amount of some kind of citrus kumquat?

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This is like a superfine version of L de Lolita.

Instead of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange the notes are replaced with more exotic ones like bourbon vanilla, kumquat, tobacco, toasted slivered almonds, and oud.

This is indeed an oriental almond! And I love it! I was told once that this smelled a little bit like pee. But also I was told that smelled like boozy chocolate candy. In my skin it lasts ages. Aug fullbottleworthy Thank you Dittnergirl for the sample! Wow, this scent is NOT what I expected.

It is VERY medicinal! If you are an almond lover, please make sure to sample this before you buy a bottle. The sweetness of the scent might actually be saving it from being totally bizarre on my skin, and there is a slight Dior Addict vibe radiating from my arm which I do like.

It does get much better as time goes on and the vanilla and almond soften and sweeten, but I think the top notes are slightly off putting.

Perhaps layering this scent would improve its wearability. Feb Dittnergirl This should have been a no-brainer. In fact, I was surprised it had never made its way to my test list before now.

This is not toasted, buttery, fatty, sweet, nutty almonds and syrupy vanilla. This is raw, green, bitter, unwashed almonds with low-grade vanilla extract. The scent was so sharp and medicinal, I thought I had received a mislabeled sample.

They are nothing alike.

The acrid, metallic opening mellowed somewhat after an hour, but this fragrance remained intolerable.

Montale Kvepalai

Oct pjd my recent purchase from montale Amandes Orientales i ve own several montales so far and to be honest this is the least of my favorite i blind bought this one i dont love it just a like for me it is still good but i was expecting more and it fell short.

At first spray the thing that came to my mind is that band aid note or something that be can be related to a medicine to cleansed of wounds or something i know this cause i am in the medical field then the scent settles down to a roasted smoky almonds and vanilla this is pleasing as the scent settles down it becomes more sweeter.

Its preety linear from heart to base just dont like the initial spray not a good first impression then scent settles down to a good smoky sweet scent then it puts a smile on your face you will realized mmmmmmm its not bad after all.

My advice is to try this one first before purchase cause iam definitely sure some people might like it some people will not.

This is definitely unisex and in my opinion for winter or cold days warm nights.

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My overall feel is an okay release from montale nothing outstanding nothing bad it still unique.

I think this is the kind of scent that grows on you as time goes by. UPDATE this last long more than twelve hours which is typical of monatle as the scent settles down it became as i describe it dark smoky sweet hint of almond more prominant vanilla smell which is preety good as stated this is a fragrance that grows on and for me it certainly is.

Jul Eicher Sounds interesting.

I am curious about this one. I have tried two Montale perfume already, and I really liked them. Jun Naji Sherapop has captured the essence of Amandes Orientales.

Bitter almonds and musk are really the keys to this utterly addictive perfume. It opens like an unsweetened loukhoum--as oxymoronic as that may sound--with the same alkaline powder quality but instead of sugar there is an almost greenish aura surrounding the almonds.

The musk is very strong and seductive indeed, and eventually the composition dries down to become more sweet and less bitter, soft and smooth.

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