Отбеливание зубов White Light

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Отбеливание Зубов White Light

Our boy Redbud has decided wants to go for a hack. He wanted out of the paddock gate yesterday to follow the others going for a hack.
We are trying different boots on him to see what he is most comfy in on soft ground and hard.
He is one in a million, what a great guy!
Redbud will get visits from our wonderful farrier June O&#;Brien tomorrow and our wonderful Vet Parrott Equine Associates on Thursday.
We should have the correct plan so Redbud can hack out in the countryside 🙏🏻💕🍀🐴🤠

Thank you Andrea Hoosick of ALH Equine Services and Kiana Bolognese and THANK YOU to Melani Robinson for donating to this months board.

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