Корректор силуэта шеи Neckline Slimmer

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Корректор Силуэта Шеи Neckline Slimmer

Neckline Slimmer

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The Neckline Slimmer is a resistance toning system that can firm, lift and smooth your neckline without undergoing any expensive surgery.

It is used to tighten the muscles in your chin, neck and face to remove loose skin, double chin or neck folds. This product is used for only 2 minutes every day and the results will make you look young and beautiful. It reverses the effects of aging and there are three levels of resistance springs from beginner to advance toning.

The Claim

In just 2 minutes a day of using the Neckline Slimmer, you can achieve a smoother neckline without cosmetic surgery.

You can solve facial sagging, double chin and remove neck folds without the presence of any pain. The Neckline Slimmer will make you look younger by reversing the effects of aging.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Neckline Slimmer is $ plus $ shipping, for a total price of $ This price was obtained from the As Seen on TV commercial page which was taken offline due to Neckline Slimmer being discontinued.

Neckline Slimmer may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

What is it?

Neckline Slimmer is a revolutionary device that instantly slims the neckline and makes it younger and more appealing. Neckline Slimmer has given real people with sagging necklines real and amazing results and it can do the same thing for anyone who gives it a try.

It will noticeably tighten up the jawline and drastically reduce facial sagging. Neckline Slimmer is an innovative product that&#;s incredibly easy to use and virtually reduces the effects of aging with barely any effort on the user&#;s part. Additionally, there is no painful, expensive cosmetic surgery involved.

How does it work?

Neckline Slimmer is the world&#;s first resistance toning system for the neck, chin, and face.

It was developed by world renowned physiotherapist Paul Youname, who explains that the Neckline Slimmer uses progressive resistance. Progressive Resistance gently firms the underlying muscles of the neck, tightening the skin at the same time. It does for the neckline what exercise does for the body! This helps people look younger, healthier, and more radiant than ever before.

Neckline Slimmer also comes with three levels of resistance coils: Beginner, Medium, and Advanced.

How to use it

Simply use Neckline Slimmer for two minutes a day. Be sure to select the desired level of toning resistance before proceeding to use the device.

Why buy it?

For anyone suffering from sagging skin or noticeable signs of aging on their jawline, neck, and chin, Neckline Slimmer is an absolute must. It guarantees results that no other device or skincare on the market even comes close to.

Real people have experienced real results, and so can anyone who invests in the Neckline Slimmer. Neckline Slimmer is fast, easy to use, and fun. In just two minutes a day, women will start to experience a more youthful, radiant, and beautiful appearance that they never thought was possible.

Neckline Slimmer goes above and beyond what other products can because it was developed by a real physiotherapist who uses actual science to guarantee the results of the product.


The benefits of Neckline Slimmer are endless. Here are a just a few notable benefits to mention:

  • Guarantees quick and easy results that no other product can
  • Very simple to use
  • Real people have experienced real and amazing results
  • Developed by a real physiotherapist
  • Based on the science of progressive resistance
  • Amazing value for everything that it has to offer
  • Offers three levels of resistance coils for the user&#;s convenience
  • Just needs to be used for two minutes a day


Neckline Slimmer is the best solution for getting rid of sagging skin around the jawline, neck, and chin.

It can make anyone look younger and more radiant in just two minutes per day. It&#;s easy to use and has guaranteed amazing results for real people. Developed by physiotherapist Paul Youname, Neckline Slimmer is based on the science of progressive resistance.

Neckline Slimmer is so simple to use and doesn&#;t require any painful or costly cosmetic surgery. Neckline Slimmer is the only answer for a younger looking jawline, neck, and chin! 

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