Корректирующий корсет Top Shaper

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Корректирующий Корсет Top Shaper

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  • Bridal Corsets

    Our elite collection of sexy bridal corsets are sure to make a statement on your big day.

    We offer beautiful satin corsets from the purest shade of white to luxurious vintage yellow brocade. Each corset has been carefully handcrafted and designed for an exceptionally stunning finish. You can select from a wide array of options to choose the one that best fits your tastes.

    From mini corsets to the perfect corset wedding dress, our bridal items will ensure that your special day is one to remember. Fitted corsets offer just the right slimming look under your wedding gown and will instantly take up to 5 inches from the waistline.

    We can custom create your bridal corset to suit your size for a perfect fit.

    One of our popular bridal corsets is the small mini satin boned waist training corset. This small corset has 10 strong bones to offer the ideal waist trimming and tummy flattening effect.

    It is constructed of the purest and softest satin and comes fully lined with % natural cotton. We also offer shoulder strap white satin corsets, and the unique half bust corset for a completely alluring look. Browse our collection to find the wedding corset that is just right for you.

    Place your order online today for one of our beautifully crafted bridal corsets.

    Overbust Corsets

    Choose from amongst our extensive selection of beautiful overbust corsets. Our collection features every type of overbust corset you can find online with premium construction and stylish design.

    Some of our designs include the Victorian overbust corset, satin corset, jacquard steel boned corset, and corsets adorned with rings, buckles, or studs. No matter what your personal preference may be, you are sure to find the perfect corset to suit your tastes.

    In addition, we can even custom create the perfect corset for you in just the right size and fabric. Let us know your measurements when you place your order, and we will create a stunning, custom fit corset just for you. Custom orders need about 10 to 15 days for delivery.

    Steel Boned Overbust Corsets

    Each steel boned overbust corset is carefully designed for a beautiful exterior with a sturdy underlying construction. Our steel boned corsets provide waist shaping with elegance, sophistication, and style. The waist cinching corset can be worn on its own as the most alluring lingerie or underneath dresses for a shaping and slimming effect.

    Place your order online today and take advantage of our bulk discounts for larger orders. We provide prompt delivery and order accuracy for complete customer satisfaction.

    Choose from a variety of corsets

    Shaper Corsets has a wide variety of corsets to choose from. We have corsets for women of all shapes and sizes including the plus size underbust corset. Each corset has been carefully handcrafted with only the finest materials to create a stunning finish that is an excellent addition to any lingerie collection.

    For added shape definition and waist slimming results, try our unique underbust corset. Comprised of steel bones, underbust corsets can make the waist appear up to 4 inches slimmer while flattening the tummy, and enhancing the bust line.

    We offer many different selections for any taste and our customers can choose from the black or brown leather underbust corset, brocade steel boned underbust corset, and PVC underbust corset. We also offer faux leather corsets with metal studs for that glamorous yet edgy look.

    Our corsets can be worn undergarments or as a complement to your outfit for a stylish statement.

    Shaper Corset offers corsets for waist sizes up to 48 inches and we even provide custom ordering for the exact fit you are looking for.

    If your size is not listed we will custom create your order according to your exact measurements, Place your order online today and receive discounts when you order in bulk!

    Leather Corsets

    Leather corsets are timelessly edgy and classic providing just the right mix of allure and danger.

    You can select from our leather corsets in every color and style and choose the one that makes just the right statement. Ideal worn on its own or undergarment, each leather corset is reinforced with steel bones to provide the perfect waist cinching and bust enhancement.

    We offer a variety of different options to choose from including the black leather corset top, red leather corset, leather renaissance corset, black steel buckle corset, and especially fetish gothic black leather corset.

    Whether you are looking for the perfect black leather corset or something a little more daring, you will find everything you need right here at Shaper Corset. Each corset is specially designed and uniquely crafted to a stunning finish. We use only the best quality materials and the highest level of craftsmanship for each and every corset. Our corsets are flattering on any body type and we offer plus sizes up to 48 inches with custom orders available.

    Place your order for the perfect leather corset online today!

    Corset Dresses

    Shaper Corset has an exclusive collection of exotic corset dresses with stunning details such as bi-directional lacing, zipper front closures, and lambskin leather construction. We also offer the fetish corset dress that features steel boned construction and % genuine leather.

    Our corset dresses will turn heads with their stylish design and enticing accents.

    Gothic Corset Dresses

    Our gothic corset dresses are bold, daring, and one of a kind with unique and eye catching detailing. This style offers a sexy edginess with its full floor length and high slit. The zipper front closure carries just the right appeal while built in steel bones guarantee a stunning waist cinching and bust enhancing effect.

    Constructed with 14 steel bones, our gothic corset dress will easily cinch more than 5 inches from the waistline for that perfect hourglass effect.

    In addition to gothic corset dresses, we also offer Victorian corset dresses, leather corset mini dresses, and satin steel boned corset skirts. With a fun and flirty flair, corset dresses and skirts from Shaper Corset will guarantee that you are always the center of attention!

    Place your order online today! We provide fast and accurate shipping that is free for orders over $

    Brocade Corsets

    Brocade corsets by Shaper Corset are elegant and sophisticated and can hold their own whether worn over or undergarment.

    Stylish brocade designs in deep rich colors are available in a variety of styles. You can select just the right blue brocade corset, black brocade corset, pink brocade corset, red brocade corset, white brocade corset, or yellow brocade corset.

    Designed with beautiful and classic brocade exterior, each corset is lined with soft, natural % cotton.

    Slimming, Flattering, & Simply Stunning

    Brocade corsets are perfect worn on their own or undergarment for a slimming and flattering effect. Reinforced with steel bones, they offer waist cinching and bust enhancement while creating the perfect hourglass figure. The brocade design is simply stunning with a sophisticated look that is sure to please. v The brocade underbust corset is elegantly alluring and timelessly classic with back lacing for complete adjustment and easy on and off.

    Each corset is carefully handcrafted and designed for durability, comfort, and style. We offer plus size corsets for the waist size up to 48 inches with custom sizing options available. Allow 10 to 15 days for custom orders and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $

    Shaper Corset offers discounts for bulk orders! Place your order online today for the best quality brocade corsets available online.

    Authentic Corsets

    Authentic corsets offers subtle body shaping that creates an attractive look for any body type.

    Each corset is uniquely designed with strategically positioned steel bones. The exterior is adorned with the most beautiful fabrics in exquisite patterns and designs. Whether you are looking for corsets for waist training or you simply want to add an eclectic mix to your wardrobe, our corsets are the perfect solution.

    Waist Shaping Corsets

    The waist training underbust corset will reshape your entire upper body with a smaller waist while providing enhanced bust definition and an elongated torso.

    Each corset is completely adjustable allowing the wearer to easily determine their level of comfort. Our specialty steel boned corset provides the ultimate in body shaping and will pull the waist in by at least 4 to 5 inches. All of our corsets are made of premium quality materials and are built to last. Our selections include corsets made of % leather and lined with genuine, % cotton.

    Our underbust corset waist cincher draws in the waist and flattens the tummy. We offer a variety of different types including brocade embellished with lined cotton, PVC, leather, steel studded, and more. The front of each underbust corset opens easily for simple on and off removal.

    Shaper Corset offers discounts for bulk orders! Place your order online today for the best quality corsets available online.

    Shaper Corset
    82 Westech DriveTyngsboro, MA

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