Тактические часы Xinhao Paracord Watch

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Тактические Часы Xinhao Paracord Watch

Ed Caracappa 08 AugustIf you want to use a Mac, call Apple. I think after a short intro the prices will be much closer together. Ed monovich 08 AugustNobody knows yet how the macs will hold up with drivers, etc when run in Bootcamp mode.

I have contacted a distributor here that says I can buy from him in about 2 or 3 weeks for the same price as apples site or so he says.

I am planing to get ;: Is this the case with Mac Pro also and if so will it still be better than the GeForce by a long shot or will I only notice little difference. My price for that config is not that high and Apples price for that config is not that low. Run the numbers again or just call me.

If it turns out the Mac is right for you so be it.

Ed lots 08 AugustSo I am apparently not seeing the same price tags you guys are: P Of course I did configure pretty high end. Almost NO rendering will be performed with this computer.

The main application Inventor will probably support bit soon. I am NOT interested in using more than one app at a time. Can I get a quote now?

Also consider that my models are currently at more than 10 million polygons, and they are built fully on parameters and intelligent assemblies, with complex lofts and revolved solids, so my main concern is raw cpu speed for the parametric calculations each time the model requires updating.

PanzerMKZ 08 AugustPanzer GregHess 08 AugustThese price cuts only effect the consumer lineup of X2 and FX processors.

The Opteron lineup did not recieve significant cuts. One of the reasons why many people have been jumping to conroe is because of this. RAFY 09 SeptemberFor some reason distributors here are not offering all possible configurations for the Mac Pro because of Apple they say.

Processor -8GB 4 x 2GB If I decide to go with option 2 should I still buy it through my unlce and save money or secure my guarantee here and pay more?

E55 09 SeptemberVery, very dense models.

Full broadcast animation renders with motion blur, dof and all that jazz for commercials and film.


My workstation is a dual 3ghz intel, 3 gigs of ram, a quadro and it does a great job dealing with the massive scenes. So the questions is, do you really need 8 gigs of ram and all that jazz? That does seem a bit excessive. And do you really need a dollar video card? In my experience, that much ram and workstation grade cards are a waste of money.

You Are Now Leaving sms4pk.tk

Could save you at least half the cost of your box without noticing any difference in performance.

Unless of course you are working extreme HD animations with hundreds of enormous models and extremely dense scenes. I myself am in the market for a new workstation. Chances are, like my last home machine, i will notice very little difference between it and my boxx that i use at work.

I am wondering the same things the processor. Also, 8 gigs of ram is a heck of a lot of memory, and I remember in your post you said you were only a 3rd year architecture student?

If you really want memory and do insane amounts of multitasking, 4 gigs will definetly be plenty. Make sure you get an operating system that can handle all the memory if you do end up getting 8. The 32 bit operating system will only be able to use 2 or 3 gigs of it.

Seller information

What exactly did your uncle say to you anyway to convince you get 8 gigs of memory???

Dreamabyss 09 SeptemberPlus if you get it from outside vendors, you will have better choices. You could easily have dedicated drives that you pop in for large projects.

Also, you could have a dedicated drive just for Windows and that side of your computing if you want to avoid Bootcamp or emulation.

Top Sellers from Iron Duck

Get 4 GB maximum.

Not all applications will utilize more than 4 GB and the prices for FB-dimms are too high to load up on ram just yet. Get extra ram from vendors instead of Apple and save a couple hundred bucks.

If you go with Apple ram, just get an extra gig that will install as 4 chips that allow for quad channel. Later, you can add 4 more 1 gig sticks for a total of 6 GB. The high-end video card is not worth it. Currently the best bet is the XT but that will set your deliver back about weeks due to shortage of parts.

The Macpro is in high demand and I think Apple is having trouble keeping up.

I think we will see other video cards hit the market in the next few months once the vendors see how well the Macpro is selling.

I guess if you really need to shave seconds off those renders and have the extra bucks I think Apple is finally getting it right.

The only thing you really have to be careful about is upgrades from Apple.

They charge a premium to add ram or extra hard drives and really screw the customer on that. Memory options with Apple. Their price is almost as good as the student offer and I get the guarantee here in Puerto Rico. AMD will have a quad core counter to Clovertown mid According to what the two companies have said in the past My sense tells me that Clovertown will be starved for memory assuming good utilization of the 4 cores.

Which is much larger than what will be available to Clovertown.

So the two techs should possibly balance out in the multi threaded arena. I do think the single threaded performance will still belong to Intel though Woodcrest from the Bensley platform IS Clovertown ready So if your a noob stick with boxx and throw your money away.

Ounce Laundry Collection

Otherwise build it your self. Ed Caracappa 09 SeptemberEd tecton3d 09 SeptemberI built my own 64bit amd system a while ago and am actually seriously considering to sell my parts and buy a boxx system instead.

Hell, I even installed my own RAID without knowing what I was doing, its all just plugged together and then somehow worked. Handling that CPU heat paste, dont you ever wonder whether smudging it a tiny bit when you try and push the chip into the socket might cause issues later on?

I dont think there is anything majorly wrong with my system but it keeps crashing once or twice a day, and we are talking blue screen of death.

Is it my expensive RAM? Some sort of IRQ conflict? Sure I could sit down another week and test it thoroughly, send back some parts, receive them back a week later, hoping that it will solve the issue - but you know what?

I dont have the time, I work a lot, and I could earn money during that time instead. When I was at university I always was a big supporter of self-built machines, but that was because I was a free-time-geek who enjoyed doing it - I had loooads of spare time.

Now I simply want a bloody fast machine that works.

And I lost my trust in being able to really reliably provide that kind of guarantee to myself: After what I have read here I will go for the peace of mind choice Its been like 3 days and they have not even gotten back to me.

I wish I could just do the whole thing via the website like you lucky US citizens GregHess 09 SeptemberRam, PSU, or Heat related. You can use a free utility such as pcwiz to observe voltages and cpu temps while the primes are going on.

Also make sure to check the event viewer for streams of red errors, they usually help you narrow down an issue.

Boxx is one of the only players that has been around for almost the entire dcc evolution. They made workstations before dell even had a workstation lineup. They put support and artists first, before the end dollar.

The reason their systems are so expensive? Heck, if you ever had a question about whether or not expensive HD decoding card A would work in system B

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