Массажное белье Body Slimmer

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Массажное Белье Body Slimmer

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   You can feel your body lose subcutaneous fat layers and cellulite after 4 weeks by using the slimmer twice a day for 3 minutes on each part of the body.
&#; Stroking/squeezing hand massage effects.
&#; Stimulate each cell with strong motion to dissolve subscutaneous fat layers and cellulite.
&#; Intensive stimulation effects

72 raised modules on the slimmer increase the skin&#;s elasticity by intensively stimulating the area to be treated, and firm up your body by decomposing excess body fat.
&#; Improve your biological environment by increasing the temperature of the skin.
&#; Stimulates peripheral blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and accelerate waster discharge by improving metabolism.
&#; Relieve swelling and tense muscles.

When those wonder creams aren’t working and spa treatments are
too costly, it’s best to invest in a machine Body Slimmer which does the
job for you.

With blunt grid edges gently working in a pincer
motion, collagen productions increases and gradually banishes
all those cellulites that you don’t want to see ever again.
Here is what the Body Slimmer deal offers:

3D Rotating Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer Massager
Dimension: cm (L) x cm (W) x 5cm (H)
Weight: g
Colour: Brown and white
Voltage: DC 12V 1A
Power consumption: 12W
Anti-cellulite control system
Tightens legs, arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks
Reduces cellulite and promotes firm and smooth skin
Hand-held compact body roller
Powerful motorised roller
Ergonomic design and slip-resistant material allows for easy grip
3D massage improves lymph circulation to avoid oil and toxin accumulation
2 intensities to choose from
Small compact size allows for portability and easy storage

Package includes:

1x Body slimmer
1x Massager attachment
1x Power adapter
1x User manual

Original High Quality Body Slimmer Price in Pakistan /-PKR Only

Free Home Delivery, Cash on Delivery, Available any where in Pakistan.

Regular Price:

Sale Price : Rs.1,

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