Часы Forsining

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Часы Forsining

I ordered this Forsining from a vendor on Ebay. The model number was described as U0W7 but A is stamped on the back plate. It arrived on schedule and well packed in bubble wrap. Unlike most of the Chinese watches I have collected, the Forsining came enclosed within a watch box and strapped around a tiny pillow.

This watch is 18mm thick. It measures 55mm from top to bottom and 45mm across. The timepiece weighs in a grams ( ounces).

The dial—thanks mainly to Franck Muller’s original design work—is beautiful.

Black numbers of varying size line the edge of a nicely patterned white dial. Two windows positioned near the top display the day of the month. Black rimmed subdials indicate the day of week and month.

The hands are reminiscent of the last century. They are painted black and the hour indicator is attractively shaped. A dash of red color highlights the pointed arrow positioned at the tip of the second hand. The time can be easily ascertained, even in low light conditions.

Manufacturers of very expensive watches will sometimes incorporate a tourbillon.

This highly sophisticated device is used to increase accuracy. The dial of the Forsining U0W7 is of open heart design, simulating the presence of a tourbillon by providing a view of the rapidly whirling timing wheel. Although they enthusiastically label the timing wheel as a tourbillon, this declaration is not intended to be taken seriously.

The case is barrel shaped and colored gold. Two metal pushbuttons, located on the right edge, allow adjustment of day of month and month of year.

A sunken pushbutton on the left edge is used to adjust the day of week.

The bottom plate of this timepiece is secured by four screws. Beneath this plate is an unbranded automatic movement which can be viewed through a transparent window.

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