Кроссовки Nike Air Presto

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Кроссовки Nike Air Presto

As the fashion world continues to blur the lines between what is a functional running shoe and a streetstyle accessory, the Nike Air Presto, has now seemingly been swept up into sneaker culture and this global obsession to assimilate running shoes into street fashion. 
The first iteration of the Nike Air Presto Shoes was born at the Sydney Olympics inand the timing was perfect.

With the sporting world transfixed on the feats of long distance runners and sprinters, Nike chose the fitting moment to release a shoe that boasted the latest in footwear technology. And for the creative ensemble at Nike, comfort was king.

Upon launch, the Presto was marketed as the “t-shirt for your feet” as a way of boasting the sheer comfort and universality of the shoes.

Rather than traditional numerical sizing, the Presto was sold in S, M, L and XL sizes, simplifying the shoe fitting process. Nike’s fascination on building a running shoe that simulated the sensation of running barefoot was born through the development of the Presto, and perhaps perfected in their Free running range.

It’s quite amazing to think that without the Presto, the Free Runner might never have existed.

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