Мастурбатор Satisfaction

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Мастурбатор Satisfaction

Let&#;s go to the most primitive meaning of human satisfaction.  I&#;ll be using the Maslow&#;s Hierarchy of 5 Basic Human&#;s Needs to explain "human satisfaction".

Source: Preservation Strategy - Chapter 1

You are hungry, very hungry, there&#;s no food around, you are in the jungle, you have to use your intelligence, your energy and your skills to hunt for a rabbit.  When you catch one, you feel satisfied with your success, of all the efforts, time & energy you put into it.

After that, you learn how to set-up a fire, how to cook it, by the time when the food is ready to be served, you feel satisfactory again for your achievement, for being able to prepare a meal.

When you put the food into your mouth, savor it, filling your taste bud, and your hunger, you feel satisfied again. 

In all the 3 scenarios, I have mentioned "satisfied" - "human satisfaction".  All the above was classifies as the human&#;s basic needs.

As we move up to the 2nd level of the Hierarchy, you&#;ll find human needs the feeling of safety.  So, back to my example, you are still in the jungle, you are tired, you need a place to safe place to sleep, you have to learn how to build your own shelters from the tweaks/ branches and leaves.  You need to learn how to keep away from dangerous animals, poisonous snakes, etc.  When you achieved that, you feel satisfied, again.

On the 3rd level, human needs to feel a sense of belongingness, bonding with another human - friendship, family, intimacy, life partner.  When you achieve them, that&#;s another human satisfaction to you.

Moving up again to the level 4, human needs self-esteem, self-achievement, confidence, to be recognized and respected by others.  Things to achieve in this level is not easy, thus, if you achieve them, you will feel more satisfactory.

The highest level in the hierarchy was called "Self-actualization".

To explain further the meaning of "self-actualization", here&#;s the examples: – preserving your family history, taking the action to do so and fulfilling on it, is a project that is larger than you personally, and that will enhance the lives of others, primarily your friends and family. On a larger scale the content and memories you will be preserving could have some historical significance and could be used as stock footage or as an inspiration to learn more about a certain era or time period.

It can also be seen as legacy and ensuring that your impact in this world will carry forward.

Conclusion, in each and every stage in human&#;s needs, we will feel satisfied when we work hard to achieve something that we desired and needed the most.  When we achieved them, we will move on to the next level with greater mission. 

Why we could hardly stop?  Because "human satisfaction" is addictive! :)

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