Вибромассажер Flexed

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Вибромассажер Flexed

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You can also raid your souvenir stash, because you may have the perfect thing already. The cheap stuff like the stuff Dollar Tree carries is perfect for projects with Mod Podge. Then, cover it in a light coat of Mod Podge. Next, put your glass cab on top.

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Twist it around to coat it well, and eliminate any areas that might not be coated in Mod Podge.

Now, you are going to squeegee any excess Mod Podge out. You can use a card think like a credit card for this — I have a little squeegee tool I use specifically for Mod Podge projects like this.

Give the backside a coat of Mod Podge to seal it, and let it dry. It should take about 30 minutes to fully dry. The last step is to adhere the cab to your bezel. I like E for this, but if you use it, you need to know — a little goes a long way.

Wire wrapping

You only need a very thin coat for a permanent mounting.

If you get too much, it can bleed through your graphic and look black. I usually just add a dot anywhere but the exact center, and then when I pop the cab in, I twist it all around to get a nice thin coat of glue. You should give it at least an hour before you try to wear it. I will often just leave it out overnight to cure.

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