Магнитный корректор спины Magnetic Posture Support

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Магнитный Корректор Спины Magnetic Posture Support

Magnetic Back Support Anyone?

There are currently various &#;magnetic&#; powered posture improvers on the market. They all have actual magnets somewhere in the product and claim that the magnetic energy helps heal and strengthen your body.

The Theory Behind the Products

The basic theory is that the magnets in the garment create a magnetic field that improves blood flow and so helps your body heal and stay healthy.

Scientists agree that blood is slightly magnetic (especially the haemoglobin). Unfortunately, that is where mainstream science stops agreeing with the claims of the magnetic back support sellers.

Why Scientists Disagree with the Claims

The devil is in the detail it seems.

While scientists agree with blood being magnetic (and so being able to affected by magnets), they say that the magnetics used do not have any measurable affect. They are simply too weak and no one has been able to actually measure any change in blood flow due to their magnetic power. Even though the magnets typically used are powerful for their size, their magnetic field is still puny.

There have been many studies over time and there remains no evidence to show that magnetic back support works.

Magnetic Back Support Products Still Sell Despite Evidence

However, the fact that there are so many magnetic back support products, proves that consumers will still give alternative solutions a go.

While reviews are generally not very positive, those with back pain are likely to try &#; just in case. As with all things related to health, if the user can believe in the product/method, it can be effective. The power of the mind, is without doubt, able to have a physical effect.

The Featured product

In the words of the seller &#; &#;Power magnetic posture support can help to correct your posture.

It has a fully adjustable non restricting uni-sex design for men & women. 12 strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region. Power magnetic back support corrector can ease body fatigue.


  • Material: 60% Polyester, 17% Rubber, 15% Nylon, 8% Cotton
  • Color: White
  • Sizing: S waist 24&#;&#; M 28&#;&#; L 32&#;&#; XL 36&#;&#; XXL 42&#;&#;

Our Verdict

Save your hard earned money and choose a proven product or exercise plan. Much Better Products

Pros: If you believe it will work - it just might!

This is a relatively low priced product that may be worth a go if you are an optimist.

Cons: There is no evidence to show that this type of product works.

You would be much better to choose one of the effective products that we have reviewed - they are proven to work.

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