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Glass is the main material of choice filling up the entire front and back and a sturdy metal frame wrapping around the perimeter holds it all together.

Even the dual curved display is less pronounced this time around. Of course, the biggest drawback with any phone made predominantly of glass or any shiny materials is how prone it is to fingerprints. The only other major cosmetic design change is that the camera housing on the back is black instead of being color matched with the body of the phone.

This means super thin bezels on all sides and a screen that takes up almost the entire front.

Задняя крышка Samsung Galaxy S8 (копия)

Measuring in at 6.

Performance The increase in RAM is definitely a welcome change and it certainly helps the multitasking experience feel much smoother. The Galaxy Note 8 checks all the right boxes in terms of flagship specs. The typical every day experience such as swiping and scrolling through menus, web browsing and jumping in and out of apps are also quite smooth and the Snapdragon does a great job of handling more intense tasks such as playing high end games with very smooth frame rates.

The actual hardware of the S Pen itself remains practically identical to last year.

It features the same clickable top, a 0. The major changes to the S Pen are really within the accompanying software features which we will dive into in the software portion of the review. Other hardware on the Note 8 includes pretty much everything that you would want except for the kitchen sink.

Fast wireless charging capabilities, Bluetooth 5 and gigabit LTE support are all on board, and an IP68 certification means it is dust and water resistant and can withstand submersion in up to 1.

At least for now. The Note 8 comes with a single bottom-firing speaker that is easily muffled by the palm of your hand when holding the phone in landscape and the audio quality can sound distorted at max volume.

The fingerprint sensor is now slightly more recessed making it easier to find by feel and Samsung repositioned the camera flash and heart rate monitor to sit in between the cameras and fingerprint sensor giving you more room for error when reaching for the fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy Note8

These minor changes definitely make a huge difference as smudging the camera lenses is a much rarer occurrence.

While I personally prefer the fingerprint sensor as my main way of unlocking the Note 8, the iris scanner and facial recognition are just as reliable in terms of accuracy.

It has a 3, mAh cell which by standards is by no means small but is smaller than what we would have expected for a phone with such powerful specs and massive 6. In my experience, battery life on the Galaxy Note 8 has been far better than anticipated.

Screen-on time is typically around the five hour mark with anywhere between 15 to 18 hours off the charger allowing me to comfortably get through a full day.

By no means am I a light user when it comes to smartphones either.

Along with the usual social media, emails, and web browsing, I play games and watch YouTube for several hours per day and the Note 8 has managed to satisfactorily meet my needs.

Camera One of the more drastic changes to the Note 8 this year is the addition of dual cameras on the back. One of the more drastic changes to the Note 8 this year is the addition of dual cameras on the back, a feature that is becoming increasingly more popular on smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 8 camera utilizes a wide angle and telephoto lens setup similar to the iPhone 7 Plus or the OnePlus 5 and the secondary telephoto lens allows the Note 8 to achieve 2X optical zoom.

Both sensors feature optical image stabilization, which is a first for any smartphone utilizing dual cameras and guarantees that all of your photos and videos are optically stabilized regardless of which lens you decide to use.

Both sensors feature optical image stabilization, which is a first for any smartphone utilizing dual cameras.

This behavior is intentional though, as the camera software decides that sometimes better results can be achieved through the main sensor. Other phones like the iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5 react the same way.

My favorite part of the Live Focus mode is the ability to dual capture.

Do you have something to sell?

This means that a photo is simultaneously captured from both the wide and telephoto lens with only a single press of the shutter button, saving you the hassle of switching back and forth between lenses when you want to capture two focal lengths of the same subject.

The camera app is also packed with a wide variety of image filters and snapchat-esque effects that adds a unique level of creativity and fun to the camera.

Photos from the Note 8 are packed with detail, vibrant colors, and some of the best dynamic range offered on a smartphone.

Optical image stabilization along with fast dual pixel autofocus, makes it easy to capture photos with tack sharp focus in a reliable fashion.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The optical image stabilization along with the fast dual pixel autofocus makes it easy to capture photos with tack sharp focus in a reliable fashion.

Software The Galaxy Note line has always offered a slightly tweaked version of the software found in the Galaxy S flagship and with the Galaxy Note 8, the experience is largely the same as that found on the Galaxy S8 with a few key changes.

The ultimate productivity device brings the now-familiar S Pen menu that pops up whenever you detach the pen or when you click the button while hovering over the screen. The useful translate feature just got a lot more useful with the ability to now translate full sentences, whereas you could only translate individual words before.

The Galaxy Note 8 also comes with the Pen Up coloring-in app preloaded, which offers access to a community of millions of Galaxy Note users around the world and tons of helpful presets for you to color in and create with.

The biggest new S Pen feature is Live Message, which lets you add a little flair to your everyday communication.

The biggest new feature is Live Message, which lets you record the pen strokes of writing a short message, turning it into an animated GIF.

Added effects like sparkles and neon lighting add more flair and the effect is pleasing GIFs that you can send to friends and anyone else.

Реплика Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – % копия

Samsung is hoping the Galaxy Note 8 is the perfect multitasking tool and the new App Pairing feature definitely lets you take full advantage of the large screen.

This lets you pair two apps together and save the shortcut to your Apps Edge or to the home screen; when pressed, both apps open together in Multi Window. Imagine a shortcut to let you open the calendar and Gmail together for increased productivity or Facebook and WhatsApp messenger for constant communication.

App Pairing is great if you often find yourself switching between apps and is a subtle but clever addition.

The last notable feature in the Galaxy Note 8 may not be new but it is useful for those that have multiple social accounts.

Called Dual Messenger, it lets you create multiple instances of the same single-account app such as Facebook, SnapChat or WhatsApp on the one phone, so you no longer need multiple phones to be able to use two numbers with WhatsApp or a personal and professional Facebook profile.

Реплика Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – % копия

With the introduction of the Galaxy S8, Samsung brought their own AI assistant, Bixby, into the fold and that feature has now made its way over to the Note 8.

This includes the dedicated quick-access hardware button that sits just below the volume rocker.

On the Note 8 you get the full Bixby experience out of the box including Bixby Voice. Bixby has certainly made some great strides since the Galaxy S8 but it still has its issues. When it works, Bixby is fantastic and Samsung has it going in the right direction, but it still needs some polishing.

Bixby works wonderfully for doing phone-related tasks such as changing the screen brightness or having the phone download an app off the Play Store for you, but for factual or internet-related questions the experience can still be hit or miss.

The bright side is that you have Google Assistant to fill in where Bixby falls short, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later because it would be a shame for a phone as current as the Note 8 to fall behind in software updates right out of the gate.

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